Norris Brandt’s Resume

Norris Brandt has over 30 years of experience in management of three leading water/wastewater agencies in Southern California, 15 of those years at the senior executive level.  He knows how water agencies work and how to make things happen expeditiously and successfully.  That comes from having done the detail work in just about every facet of water agency business,  then using the understanding of that work to create the “art” of running the agency.

Beyond the internal workings of the individual water agencies, Brandt has also worked successfully with other agencies and various outside parties to weave the agencies into the fabric of the communities they serve.  Ultimately, that is the highest level of success–serving the public well, including customers/residents, businesses, government, and developers.

This is the link to Norris Brandt’s resume, which provides a simple, black-and-white summary of various aspects of his work experience and credentials.

Norris Brandt’s Resume

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