Mission, Vision, Values


The mission of Brandt Water Strategies is to assist others, in both private and public businesses, to solve their problems related to water resources policy and public water agency management, in a cost effective, ethical, expeditious, and environmentally sound manner.


California water issues can be complex and contentious, which can disrupt the ability of businesses and communities to function successfully.  It is the vision of Brandt Water Strategies to use collaboration, analysis, and negotiation to find solutions to problems, whether technical, administrative, legislative, economic/financial, or cultural in nature.


  1. Every problem has a solution; simple is usually more elegant
  2. Nothing is too difficult to understand with enough study/consideration
  3. Science and engineering are just means to a successful end, not the solutions; use common sense too
  4. A skilled adviser doesn’t have all the solutions, but can lead others to find the best ones
  5. Every person has a voice
  6. Every person has a right to the ears of others, but that right must not be abused
  7. Fair, firm, and friendly are not just words; they are essential elements of effective engagement
  8. After you turn 16, usually the older you get the smarter your parents and mentors get about life; hit replay on that recorder in your head
  9. The Earth is a terrible thing to waste; there are practical environmental solutions–that’s one thing the Boy Scouts got right.