Backpacking — Sierra Nevada Water — June 11, 2017

Nope, the Sierra Nevada snow season isn’t done yet.

California, as a whole, has been unseasonably cold this week.  In fact, looking at the photos below, from Mammoth Mountain’s web cams, the snow continues to fall.  The temperature at the Main Lodge is 25 degrees F at 2:45 pm. (Link to Mammoth web cams)

Summit Cam


Bottom of Chair 3
Base of the mountain


With the extra cold weather, it is likely the snow above 10,000′ is going to stay in place for some time to come.  Great for the water supply down the hill, but a little tough for those Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) thru hikers trying to slog their way through the Sierra Nevada.

Personally, I’m going to shoot for a trip at elevation in early September, hopefully after the alpine lakes have thawed and the snow has been cleared from the trails, and before the first Fall snows arrive.  I love water/snow, but I don’t love hiking in it.

Hope you are planning a trip this year.  It’s going to be epic!

Drop us a comment when you return to let everyone know what you found.

Happy hiking!