Backpacking — Sierra Nevada Water Report — 2017

Looks like it is finally going to be a great year for water in the high country.  Probably flowing streams all summer long for 2017.  Mammoth Mountain, which is on the eastern slope, in the lower central portion of the Sierra Nevada, reports the most snow in one month in their ski resort’s history.  Here is a screen shot of their Daily Message:


Sure enough, when you check their table of monthly snowfall, January 2017 is the greatest of all.

If the mountain weather remains relatively cool this Spring like it did in 2011, we could have frozen lakes above 10,000 feet into July.  Yes, the late thaw can mean mosquitoes later in the season, but it also means plenty of ice cool, fresh water at all elevations through the entire summer.

Keep on snowing! No such thing as too much snow in the mountains.