Backpacking — Sierra Nevada Water Report — June 26, 2015

The saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  And, a video is worth . . .

Let’s take a look at live action footage of Yosemite Falls, courtesy of the Yosemite Conservancy. [By the way, Yosemite Conservancy is a non-profit worthy of your charitable contributions — they do some pretty significant work for the park]


Just click on this link (Yosemite Falls Video — Yosemite Conservancy) and you’ll get a streaming video of Yosemite Falls.

As of today, the flow looks pretty meager.  It will rise and ebb slightly on some days this time of year as the summer storms move in and out of the high country, but the general trend is decreasing.

There is nothing like putting your eyes on the rivers and streams in real time to calibrate the trip reports from hikers in the field.

It’s pretty dry out there.

Yesterday, I was at an all-day workshop by the Southern California Water Committee regarding stormwater capture in California.   We have been working for a few years trying to find ways to capture more wet year flows in Southern California to store water in the groundwater basins for the dry years.  I’ll provide a summary of the efforts in a separate post soon.  At the workshop Dr. Mark Gold, founder of Heal the Bay and a UCLA researcher, showed photos of Half Dome and surrounds on the same spring day for the last four years.  Snow was almost non-existent in the high country on that date this year.

If you have returned from the field, please send us your specific water observations, with watercourse names/locations and approximate flow rates, so we can post them for all to see.

Happy hiking!