When Too Much Is Not Enough

It seemed like good timing for the film Noah to be released.  I was ready to pack my bags.  The fountains emanating from our tile roof brought memories of the 1997 El Nino storms.

But, alas, even with the flooding and debris flows in some areas it just wasn’t that much rain.  If you look at the map above of rainfall in LA County over the last 7 days (courtesy: Los Angeles County Department of Public Works website — http://ladpw.org/wrd/precip/alert_rain), you can see the totals varied greatly, especially from the ocean to the foothills.  You will also notice most of the area didn’t really get that much rain over the 4 days of storms.  Further, just add another 3″ to each of the locations shown and you’ll have the season totals — not much.  We are still in a drought in Southern California!

As always, we need to be planning our water resources for the long term and not get too hung up on the short term.  But it does seem a little scary to consider what may happen to our urban landscaping over the summer.  Not to mention the economic devastation that may be coming to the Central Valley in 2014.

So, to refocus our efforts, in the coming days we will be discussing more about long term planning to get us back up to “enough” in California.